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GDS 222 Graphic Design III
Blog: Steal Like An Artist

(Archived from 2019)


To learn techniques to enhance your creativity. To learn from the experiences of other creative people. To become independent lifelong learners.


Using the required textbook Steal Like An Artist as a guide, design creative experiments for yourself to help improve your creativity and to fine-tune your creative process. Document your experiments with weekly blog postings. Your target audience is professional creatives who might be in a position to hire you or recommend you for jobs or projects in the future. Make your blog professional but personal. Use an authentic voice and put some energy into the visuals.

Using Cobra's discussion forums, you will be sharing these blog posts with your classmates and seeking feedback. You will also be reviewing your classmates' experiments and commenting on their efforts to become more creative.

If you are happy with your blog at the end of the semester, consider attaching it to your web portfolio for self-promotion purposes.

Your blog entry will be graded by your instructor. Your comments and replies will be graded by your peers.

Extra Credit: Watch a creative visual movie from this list and write a brief review when you post your weekly blog entry (please add the words "Extra Credit" to the subject of your Cobra post).

  1. Start a blog specifically for this assignment
  2. Login to your Cobra Learning account every week via or
  3. Select "CONTENT," then select the assignment for the week and follow the instructions
  4. Post a link to your completed blog post by Monday (spelling, grammar, clarity of thought and adherence to asignment specifications count!)
  5. Read and comment on all of your classmates' blog posts by Wednesday.
  6. Score your classmates' replies by Saturday based on the grading rubric below (there's no need to score the original post).
Grading Rubric Quality constructive feedback and helpful comments Some constructive feedback and helpful comments Low quality feedback and comments
No spelling & grammar errors 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars
Some spelling & grammar errors 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars
Many spelling & grammar errors 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star

Your weekly blog entry is due Monday at 11:30pm. Comments are due every Wednesday at 11:30pm. Peer grading is due every Saturday at 11:30pm. Full credit will be given each week only if all parts of the assignment are completed on time.

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