about the show

The Graphic Design Student Show is an annual juried exhibition showcasing the best graphic design, motion graphics, illustration and web design work of students in the Graphic Design Program at Parkland College.

For the exhibition, a jury of Parkland design faculty selected the best student work from the current school year. The exhibition gives students a chance to present their work in marketing communication, branding, advertising, and design to industry professionals and the community.



Award Winners

The following awards were presented at the opening night reception on
May 13, 2015 at 7pm:

  • Graphic Design Best of Show (Kelli Mikhail $100)
  • President’s Award of Excellence (Gloria Roubal $100)
  • Fine & Applied Arts Department Chair Award (Catherine Yao $100)
  • Graphic Design Program Director’s Award (Madelyn Witruk $100)
  • David M. and Shirley A. Jones Student Art Award (Liza Wynette $100)
  • Surface 51 Award of Excellence (Catherine Yao $100)
  • Studio 2D Design Strategy Award (Jordan Bidner $100)
  • Six Demon Studio Award for Excellence in Digital Media (Kelli Mikhail $100)
  • CUDO Award of Excellence (Kelli Mikhail $100)
  • [co][lab] Award of Excellence (Dustin Kinkelaar $100)
  • Golfview Village Award of Excellence (Liza Wynette $100)
  • Brian Sullivan Award of Excellence (Josiah Peoples $100)
  • Heartland Science and Technology Group Award of Excellence
    (Liza Wynette $100)
  • Electric Pictures Award of Excellence (Jordan Bidner $100)

Special thanks to this year's judges who selected the winners:



art gallery talk

Thursday May 14 from 11am–12pm
with Dan Wild, Illustration Instructor at Parkland College

Becoming A Successful Graphic Designer

In today's competitive environment, persistence, diversification and specialization all come into play whether you are a recent grad or a seasoned professional. In this gallery talk, Dan Wild shares the secrets of of his success as a creative professional drawn from his personal experiences. Dan Wild is a published illustrator, award-winning designer, and caricaturist with over 15 years of experience in the fields of advertising, marketing and commercial art.

print gallery
branding gallery
illustration gallery
web gallery
motion gallery