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(Archived from 2019)

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About the Program

Parkland's Graphic Design and Interactive Design Program is a portfolio-building program. In our studio classes, students solve real-world visual communication problems through a process of exploration and discovery. Projects are critiqued and revised until they meet professional standards.

Feel free to browse this comprehensive archive of course content:

Online catalogs of past annual student exhibitions (2014–2019) can be viewed here. A searchable database of published work from these student shows can also be found at Spark: Scholarship at Parkland.

Special thanks to the following part-time instructors who contributed greatly to the program from 2001–2019: Maya Bruck, Jennifer Davis, Larry Ecker, Al Fleener, John Havlik, Heidi Kellner, Sarah Marjanovic, J. Marie Metz, Susan Pryde, Kristina Reese, Evelyn C. Shapiro, Tim Stiles, Gretchen Wieshuber, Liza Wynette, Blaine Wright, Dan Wild.

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