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Graphic Design / Interactive Design / Fine & Applied Arts / Parkland College

Graphic Design Exercises
Identity: Henneman

(Archived from 2019)


To learn InDesign production skills as it relates to corporate identity.


Typical applications of a logo include letterhead, business cards and envelopes. Consistency between these elements is critical in order to project a professional image. Paper is also part of the image and choosing the right paper will often enhance the identity of the company.


preparing the masters in Illustrator

  1. download starter files
  2. examine downloaded files
  3. open "HRA Logo" in Illustrator
  4. file > save as "HRA Logo Black.pdf"
  5. copy art and create variations (horizontal, vertical, minimum, maximum, reverse)
  6. delete all unused swatches
  7. save, save as "HRA Logo Color.pdf"
  8. window > swatch libraries > color books > Pantone coated
  9. add swatch for PMS 2736
  10. duplicate Pantone swatch, convert to CMYK, rename swatch
  11. record Pantone and CMYK formulas
  12. save, save as "HRA Logo Web.pdf"
  13. file > document color mode > RGB
  14. change colors to RGB, record HEX values

creating the business card applications in InDesign

  1. launch InDesign
  2. file > new: letter portrait, margins=0
  3. save as "HRA branding.indd"
  4. draw box, make 3.5 x 2 inches
  5. window > stroke: 1pt, inside
  6. file > place "HRA Bus Cards.txt", clean up text
  7. spec type as 7/9 Helv Cond Light and 9.5/18 Helv Cond Black
  8. make paragraph styles (card-text, card-bold, etc)
  9. file > place "HRA Logo Color.pdf", crop
  10. fine tune layout
  11. dupe art 3x, align
  12. new layer "guides"
  13. draw guides for 4-up business cards
  14. draw crop marks (color=registration)

creating the letterhead layout in InDesign

  1. dupe page 1 to make page 2
  2. edit text, spec letterhead type as 9/11
  3. make new paragraph style (letter, letter-text, etc)
  4. file > place "HRA Letterhead.txt" and "Letter.txt"
  5. spec letter text as 11/12 Times
  6. fine tune layout

creating the envelope layout in InDesign

  1. dupe page 2 to make page 3
  2. delete unneeded art
  3. draw box: 57p x 25p
  4. fine tune layout
  5. select all art, rotate 90°
  6. dupe page 3 to make page 4 (optional)
  7. add flap to envelope

finishing the exercise

  1. add new blank page: file > place "HRA Logo Black.pdf"
  2. repeat with "HRA Logo Color.pdf", "HRA Logo Web.pdf"
  3. re-arrange page order
  4. add your name and exercise number on the master page
  5. file > adobe PDF presets > smallest file size (for web)


  1. submit b&w laser proofs with your name and the exercise number on it for grading
  2. file your graded proofs in your Process Book for individual review

Last updated: 5/7/21