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Graphic Design / Interactive Design / Fine & Applied Arts / Parkland College

GDS 293 Portfolio Seminar
Blog: Award-Winning Web Portfolios

(Archived from 2019)


To be inspired by award-winning graphic design. To become familiar with portfolio websites and self-promotion strategies. To utilize library resources for research and inspiration. To use blogs as a reflection tool.


Parkland's library has enormous resources for graphic design and interactive design students. Find award-winning web portfolios by consulting Parkland's print sources as a starting point. Collect screenshots and links to post to your blog. Links without a citation to a print source will not be accepted for credit.

Extra credit: Once you have met the minimum requirement of blogging about one non-Internet source per week, feel free to share Internet resources that you have found for extra credit.

Note: This semester-long assignment is part of the research component for Project 2. However, you will receive a separate grade for fulfilling the requirements of this assignment.

Tech note: Because we are using the "Altofocus" theme for Exercise 1, you will not be able to use Word Press's "posts" section for the blogging assignment. Please use the "Blog" page instead and make a "fake" blog by adding a new section every week (newest section always goes on top, consider manually dating your entry, see example).

  1. Use the site created during X1 Web Portfolio to share your research with your peers. Edit the "Blog" page every week and add a new section for each "post" (the latest entry should always be on top). Post only blog entries that relate to the topic for this semester.
  2. Visit Parkland Library's reserve section, periodicals and/or stacks every week. Find the names of award-winning designers, photographers, illustrators, design firms or ad agencies who might have a quality portfolio website. Be sure to cite the print source where you found your sample (sorry, Internet sources are not allowed).
  3. Browse their website and make screenshots of key pages to post on your blog.
  4. In your blog entry, write a brief critique of the website and provide a web link (feel free to comment on design, content, navigation, innovation, creativity).
  5. Present your blog entry for team critique and feedback every week by posting the web address of your blog page as part of each week's Cobra Learning homework assignment (starting with Homework #2).
  6. Review the post(s) of the team members in your assigned group. Post a response when you reply to their homework assignment. Encourage each other to seek out high quality designs for each post.
  7. Revise your blog as needed for grading at midterm and at the end of the semester.

Important: This is a graded assignment. Spelling, grammar, clarity of thought and adherence to assignment specifications will count towards your grade.


Your weekly blog posts are due every Wednesday at 11:30pm (starting with Homework #2). Your blog will be graded twice this semester: once at midterm and once at final review.

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