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Graphic Design / Interactive Design / Fine & Applied Arts / Parkland College

GDS 122/222 Graphic Design II & III
Process Book

(Archived from 2019)


To record your creative process for self-evaluation. To utilize self-evaluation as a tool for improving your design skills.


Keep a record of your creative process as it pertains to the assignments in this class. Print and file every step of every assignment (projects, exercises, quizzes, etc.) in a 3-ring binder. Organize your proofs in a logical sequence with tabs as dividers. Be sure to save everything you do for this class (research, briefs, sketches, preliminary proofs, final proofs, etc.). You will be graded on your organization skills and how complete your Process Book is.

  1. Purchase a 3-ring binder. Three-hole punch all the work you produce for this class and file it in your binder.
  2. Design a cover sheet for your binder. The cover sheet should contain at least the following information: your name, "Parkland College," the name of this class, semester and year.
  3. Design tabs for your sections to help organize your work.
  4. Review your process at least twice a semester (once before your midterm review and once before your final review).



Individual critiques are available at any time by appointment. Bring your Process Book for grading at midterm and final review.

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