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GDS 108 Design Media and Principles
Blog: Design Principles Research

(Archived from 2019)


To identify design principles in real world applications. To survey current trends in photography, illustration, advertising and design. To become familiar with graphic design publications. To utilize library resources for research and inspiration. To use blogs as a reflection tool.


Using the curated resources in the Parkland Library as a starting point, research and collect examples of creative use of design principles in real-world applications. Scan and caption each image by describing where specific design principles are visible (i.e. "unity by repetition" or "emphasis by isolation"). Be sure to cite the source of your scan.

Extra credit: Feel free to purchase other magazines or books at local bookstores. Keep your eyes open for potential reference materials wherever you go. Collect printed pieces, postcards, packaging, T-shirts or anything that you are attracted to.

  1. Start a new blog specifically for this assignment. Title your blog appropriately for the assigned topic. Choose a clean template that will show off your content. Post only blog entries that relate to the topic for this semester.
  2. Visit Parkland Library's reserve section, periodicals and/or stacks every week. Seek out a diverse range of samples from a variety of sources (each week's Homework Assignment in Cobra Learning will suggest a specific focus). Scan at least one quality example of applied design principles every week (sorry, Internet sources are not allowed).
  3. Present your blog for team critique and feedback every week by posting your blog's web address as part of your Cobra homework discussion assignment (starting with Homework #2). Revise your blog as needed for grading at midterm and at the end of the semester.
  4. Review the post(s) of the team members in your assigned team. Post a response when you reply to their homework assignment. Encourage each other to seek out high quality designs for each post.

Important: This is a graded assignment. Spelling, grammar, clarity of thought and adherence to assignment specifications will count towards your grade.


Your weekly blog posts are due every Wednesday or Thursday at 11:30pm as part of your weekly Cobra discussion post (starting with Homework #2). Your blog will be graded twice this semester: once at midterm and once at final review.

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